• Can I Hear Shipbuilding
  • 1982
  • Another in a series of Peel compilations spanning the years from Peel Mailing List user Mark.
  • He comments: "In September 1982 I went to University and quickly came to hate almost everybody there apart from a John from ‘Ull who I met the very first night – we quickly realised that we did not share the others enthusiasm for mindlessness student activities but shared a love of “alternative” music as it was quaintly known. He went up in my estimation as he had once bought Wreckless Eric a cup of tea, I think I went up in his estimation as I had heard of Wreckless Eric and had a selection of Peel tapes. We both had funny early 80s haircuts (mine resembled Neil from Blancmange) and spent the next three years befriending others with funny haircuts and working out how to subvert the system – some of the time this consisted of wearing dresses, playing Anarchy in the UK very loudly out of our windows and throwing Smarties at rugby types. This tape is called “Can I hear shipbuilding?” because John often used to come and knock on my door and ask to hear the track. We rejoiced in the loud twang in the middle so much (caused by radio interference?) that I miss it whenever I hear the proper version. Similarly he had captured “Story of the Blues” on tape so when I was feeling lonely I would knock on his door and ask if I could hear Wah! We later bought each other the vinyl versions … the rest is history. There is the John Peel Dub – I have wanted to put together a tape of all songs that name check the great man but get stuck after two – this and the Skids 'TV Stars'-must be more…" [1]




  • Can I Hear Shipbuilding
  • 01:30:13
  1. There are: see Peel On Record.

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