• Best Of Peel Vol 36
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1991
  • The welcome return of a now classic series of early 90s JP compilations by Peel Mailing List user parkermike81.
  • Sessions featured:
Ivor Cutler, #17. Recorded 1991-05-09, first TX 06 July 1991, this rpt. 08 September 1991. No known commercial release.
Raw Noise, one and only session. Recorded 1991-08-04, first TX 14 September 1991. No known commercial release. Vocalist is Dean Jones of Extreme Noise Terror, who Peel gleefully reminds listeners has been to his house.


Part 1

(JP: 'Too, too splendid...I've got to stop saying things like "too, too splendid" because I find myself saying them in sort of public, and people looking at you in the pub, thinking, "What kind of a twerp is this?" Only a matter of time before I get my head kicked in, I think.')
(JP: 'Fluted Scrotum could be the name of your next band.')

Part 2

(JP: '...of which some understandably anonymous reviewer in Echoes said, "I've been waiting for this one like a snake on heat." What sort of course do you have to take to equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to make statements like that, I wonder?')


  • best of peel vol 36 (with introductions)
  • 00:46:48, 00:46:04

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