• Best Of Peel Vol 35
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1991
  • Another in Mike's continuing series of Peel compilations from the early 90s.
  • Featured sessions:
Foreheads In A Fishtank, #1. Recorded 1991-07-07, first TX 24 August 1991. No known commercial release.
Breed, #1. Recorded 1991-07-28, first TX 07 September 1991. Available on Clawfist - The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit).
  • Peel recalls doing a gig with Slaughter & The Dogs at Chelmsford and meeting Courtney Love at the Reading Festival: "slightly intimidating, it must be said."
  • Presents for JP's 52nd birthday included the Robert Wyatt CD (from which a track is played) and some beer from "the oldest brewery in the world."
  • Breed apparently self-censored 'Splinter' by removing the word 'clitoris' for fear it wouldn't get played. "I'm not entirely sure that that's correct, actually, but it's too late to do anything about it now."


Part 1

(JP: 'Falling an inch or two short of being a hymn of praise to one of our great national institutions.')
(JP: 'You wouldn't think such a noise could come out of Leigh-On-Sea, would you? I mean, he manages to sound like Morrissey and Noddy Holder in the same song.')
(JP: 'I hope that tomorrow, when I'm doing my Uncle Johnny Boy routine at Reading, in the afternoon and evening, that I'll get loads of requests to play that record. For those of you who don't go to these things, it's a case of kind of classic suppression of the ego thing, because unlike most comperes (which I think is the way to do it) I don't bound to the front of the stage in a funny hat, and, you know, be Mr. Personality Plus. In fact, I never appear on the stage at all. I just stand off of the side of it, playing records that nobody likes much except me, and when called upon to do so, say the names of the bands in a loud voice and everybody cheers, and I get paid for doing it, and a hotel room, and get to see the bands as well. It's jolly good, I think.') 24 August 1991
(JP: 'This is a mighty band, listeners. Forget all of that fashion stuff and fling yourself into this.')
(JP: 'The title of the track I don't intend to try and pronounce without corrective surgery, but this is the LP that has printed on the label, "Play too loud". What a fine instruction that is.')

Part 2


  • best of peel vol 35 parts 1 & 2 (with introductions)
  •  00:45:45, 00:46:47
  1. Hannett had died of heart failure on 18 April 1991, and the proceeds from this album, as John reminds us, went to his family.

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