• Best Of Peel Vol 26
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1991
  • Another in parkermike81's series of Peel compilations from the early 1990s.
  • Session featured:
Bongwater, one and only session. Recorded 1991-03-19, first broadcast 13 April 1991. Available on The Peel Session (Dutch East India Trading).


Part One

(JP: 'A big day today, actually, because when I leave home and drive into town, I have to drive past Bury St. Edmunds on, as you might imagine, the Bury St Edmunds bypass. People who know that area will know that that is a road which is more in the process of being dug up than it is being clear, if you see what I mean, so the chances of actually finding it un-dug up are pretty remote. And yet today as I drove past, it was clear and there were no roadworks, and no contraflow systems or anything, and it was pretty exciting. I'm not entirely sure that I didn't sing out loud with the sheer pleasure of it, because it's been being dug up for so long, I think that people leave school, get a job and go to work on the dual carriageway there, and are involved in hideous initiation ceremonies in which their workmates urinate in their tea, and they grow old and die still working on the dual carriageway around Bury St. Edmunds. But as I say, at the moment it's open. Pretty thrilling.') 30 March 1991
(JP: 'I wouldn't be at all surprised if there aren't lots of votes for that in next year's Festive Fifty, well, this year's Festive Fifty if there is one, because there were a great many votes, far too many in fact, for the previous single in last year's Festive Fifty.') [1] 30 March 1991
(JP: 'Well you can say what you like, but I call that just a lot of noise meself.')

Part Two


  • best of peel vol 26 parts 1 & 2 (with introductions)
  • 00:46:42, 00:47:15
  • Shared via Peel Mailing List.
  • Many thanks to Mike, who points out that the files are labelled the wrong way round.
  1. John's comment is fair warning of what was to come: the 1991 Festive Fifty was abandoned and not broadcast until 1993. The 'previous single' he refers to was the touching ballad 'I Want To Masturbate At Castle Donnington'.
  2. The Clash are written all over this: this track is a remodelling of 'I'm So Bored With The USA', the other side is a cover of 'Should I Stay Or Should I Go?' and even the picture sleeve is a mock-up of the band's first LP.
  3. John claims this two second masterpiece contains backward masking of the Gettysburg address...and then tries to prove it.

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