• Best Of Peel Vol 22
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1991


  • The latest offering from Peel Mailing List user parkermike81 in a series of early 90s compilations.
  • As per usual, a session appears on this recording (unfortunately in this case missing the track 'Cyfnod Pump').



Part 1

Part 2

  • Plant Bach Ofnus: 'Curiad+Bas=Groove' (Peel Session) 27 January 1991
  • Half Japanese: 'Hand Without A Body (LP-We Are They Who Ache With Amorous Love)' (Psycho Acoustic Sounds)
  • Fatima Mansions: 'Stigmata (12 inch EP-Hive) 27 January 1991
  • (JP: 'You never know which way these blighters are gonna step next.')
  • (Apparently, Peel's children in unison: 'Play us a noisy record, daddy.')
  • Dawson: 'Fickle Pie (LP-Barfmarket: Ye're Ontae Plums)' (Gruff Wit) 27 January 1991
  • Pregnant Neck: 'No Time For Breakfast (LP-Shenaniganesque Rapscallionism)' (Touche Guffaw) 27 January 1991
  • Plant Bach Ofnus: 'Ailenedigaethyllgaidmewnol (Second Birth Of The Inner Eye)' (Peel Session) 27 January 1991
  • Butthole Surfers: 'Blindman (LP-Pioughd)' (Rough Trade)
  • (JP: Captain Beefheart phoned me up during the week, absolutely out of the blue. Fortunately, I was in, because many many years ago he phoned me up, and I wasn't in, and he didn't speak to me for two years! He thought I should have known he was going to phone up. He was on the phone for about twenty minutes, and we talked of this and that, you know, and he asked me what I was doing. To be honest, I was a bit frightened of him, though I admire him a great deal. I suppose I think of him as being a kind of mate, in a vague way, but because of his being generally what I regard as a rather remarkable man with a very powerful intellect, and I'm always, I have to say, slightly intimidated by him. The last interview that I can remember doing on the radio was interviewing Captain Beefheart, and it was so frightful that I've never done another one since, despite the fact that I felt he was a bloke I got on with reasonably well. But at one stage, bearing in mind that he was phoning from California, at his own expense, he played me two and a half tracks from an LP by Ewan MacColl. I'm not quite sure why he did that, but he told me this was the music he was listening to, and in fact said it was the only music he was listening to at the moment, so I promised to send him an LP or two by Martin Carthy to try and expand his consciousness a bit. He recommended to me with great enthusiasm the work of Philip Larkin, who he said was the best poet who'd ever written. The only other bit of advice that he gave me, which I'll pass on to you, was, because apparently he lives in a house which overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and there's a lot of surfing going on there. He says every once in a while, the surfer comes in with a limb or two missing, and occasionally surfers disappear entirely. I said, "Well, do you ever go surfing or swimming in the ocean yourself?", and he said, and this is advice that I can pass on to you, that he only swims in water that contains human pee. That sounds like a jolly good idea.') Talk from show on 09 February 1991
  • Kevin Coyne: 'Do Not Shout At Me Father (LP-Peel Sessions)' (Strange Fruit) 09 February 1991
  • Pitch Shifter: 'Brutal Cancroid (LP-Industrial)' (Deaf)
  • Blunt Head: '八方美人 (happo bijin - "All Things To All Men") (7 inch flexi disc-Unknown Hardcore Drunkers)' (MCR) 10 February 1991
  • Majority Of One: 'Explode (7 inch EP-Rage)' (Doghouse) 10 February 1991
  • Hydraulic System: 'Hydraulic System' (Blacking R) 10 February 1991
  • Go: 'The ABC Song (EP-Why Suffer)' (4 Front) 10 February 1991
  • Damnable Excite Zombies: 'Over (split flexi EP with Amen-Out Of Order Brain)' (MCR) 10 February 1991
  • HC Andersen: unknown-Peel cannot pronounce the title of the song or the LP. 10 February 1991
  • Rose Rose: unknown (LP-Liquidation)' (In Your Face) 10 February 1991
  • Stretchheads: 'Incontinent Of Sex (LP-Pish In Your Sleazebag)' (Blast First) 10 February 1991

Tracks* from show on 27 January 1991


  • best of peel vol 22 (with introductions)
  • 00:46:23, 00:46:33