• Best Of Peel Vol 18
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1990
  • Another in the continuing series of compilations from early 1990s Peel shows, compiled by Peel Mailing List user parkermike81. Mike says, 'this is one of my favourite vol`s,very emotive with the like`s of the sundays,new order,teardrop explodes at one end of the scale untill carcass and their ilk make an appearance once again and pleasantries are destroyed.'
  • As usual, there is a complete session contained within these files.
Carcass, #2. Recorded 1990-12-02. Taken from first broadcast, 16 December 1990. No known commercial release.


Part One

  • (JP: 'This next is a most curious thing, and when I first got it, I put it on, listened to about a minute, and I thought, this really sounds a bit unbalanced, actually. But I kept coming back to it, and I thought I'd play it to you. See what you make of it.
  • Scott Bond: 'Boogie Woogie Cocktail/Highgate God (7 inch)' (free with 'Boogie Woogie Fanzine')
  • (long anecdote about an amusing abusive letter from a Californian record company)
  • Skunk Weed: 'Get Out Of My Way (7 inch-Skunk Weed)' (Legalize) (Peel mispronounces the band's name as Skink Weed and the song title as 'Get Out Of The Way')
  • (JP: 'Post Office Box measurements exactly, ha ha ha ha ha.')
  • Depth Charge: 'Space Mutant (12 inch-Dead By Dawn)' (Vinyl Solution)
  • Raw Noise: 'Panic Attack (EP-Raw Noise)' (Raw Noise)
  • Chapter 1: 'Unleash The Groove, E-Funk Mix (12 inch)' (Strictly Rhythm)
  • The preceding tracks may have come from the show on 09 December 1990
  • The following tracks are all highly likely to have come from the show on 16 December 1990
  • Carcass: 'Empathological Necroticism' (Peel Session)
  • (JP: 'When I die, I hope nobody tells them where I'm buried, otherwise they'll dig me up and take me on tour with them.')
  • Helmet: 'Murder (LP-Strap It On)' (Amphetamine Reptile)
  • Mark E. Smith: 'Theme From Error-Orrori (Compilation LP-Home)' (Sheer Joy) (credited to all members of the Fall in
  • Carcass: 'Foeticide' (Peel Session)
  • Ween: 'I'm In The Mood To Move' (Double LP-God Ween Satan - The Oneness)' (Twn Tone) 05 January 1991 (erroneously announced by John as "I Gots a Weasel", the subsequent track on the LP)
  • S.O.B.: 'Meddlesome Heart (CD-What's The Truth?)' (Rise Above) 05 January 1991

Part Two


  • best of peel vol 18 parts 1 and 2 (with introductions)
  • 00:46:24
  • 00:46:23

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