• Best Of Peel Vol 14
  • 1990
  • One in an ongoing series of compilation tapes by Peel Mailing List user parkermike81, recorded early in the 1990s, and featuring session tracks and records culled from various Peel shows.
  • Possible TX dates featured: Babes In Toyland #1, debut, 29 September 1990. There are a lot of references to Peel's change to weekend broadcasting, and this was the first such show.


Part 1

Part 2

  • L7: 'Shove (LP-Smell The Magic)' (Sub Pop) 29 September 1990
  • L7: 'Fast And Frightening (LP-Smell The Magic)' (Sub Pop) 29 September 1990
  • L7: '(Right On)' Thru (LP-Smell The Magic)' (Sub Pop) 29 September 1990
  • Babes In Toyland: 'Spit To See The Shine' (Peel Session) last 9:28 - 12:08 29 September 1990
  • (JP: 'Wonder if I'll ever get to have that beer with them? Details will follow if I do.')
  • (JP: 'It's not a good time to answer the fluff line at this time of night, I don't think, because you do get some people who are in a rather interesting and altered state phoning in. A whole gang of truckers, I think that's what they said anyway, phoned up from Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne to tell me that they'd been drinking brown ale all night, and spent the entire evening listening to Johnny Cash LPs, and not to 1FM.')
  • Stumbling Way: 'Home Again (7 inch)' (Red Ghost) 06 October 1990
  • Arson Garden: 'Heat From A Radiated House (LP-Under Towers)' (Community Three) 06 October 1990
  • Chicken Scratch: '(title unknown) (LP-Important People Lose Their Pants)' (Community 3) 06 October 1990
  • (JP: 'I think we all have friends who are cardboard boxes, in fact, most of my friends are cardboard boxes, a good two thirds of them.')
  • Slaver: 'Yourself (LP-Best Run Fast)' (MCR) 07 October 1990
  • African Head Charge: 'Dervish Chant (LP-Songs Of Praise)' (On-U Sound) (John initially plays the wrong track, thinking it is 'Cattle Herders Chant') 07 October 1990
  • Metal Duck: 'Twilight Zone (LP-Auto Ducko Destructo Mondo)' 07 October 1990
  • Aural Corpse: 'Delusion Of Masculine Supremacy (shared LP with Mortal Terror)' (Looney Tunes) 07 October 1990
  • Zero Zero: 'Thank God For Evil (12 inch)' (Minimal) 07 October 1990
  • (JP: 'One of the curious things about doing programmes at, whatever it is, thirteen and a half minutes to one on a Monday morning is. you can't help but wonder, is anybody listening to this?') 07 October 1990
  • Nation Of Ulysses: 'Channel 1 Ulysses (7 inch EP)' (Dischord)


  • best of peel vol 14 (with introductions) parts 1 & 2
  • Part 1 - 00:44:37
  • Part 2 - 00:45:32

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