• Best Of Peel Vol 1
  • 1990-03-xx
  • A compilation made by Peel Mailing List user parkermike81 of various highlights from John's programmes.
  • This features two complete sessions from what appears to be the debut broadcasts.
Jellyfish Kiss, one and only session. Recorded 1990-02-13. No known commercial release. First broadcast 12 March 1990, repeated 30 May 1990.
Loop, #3. Recorded 1990-01-21. Available on Wolf Flow (Reactor). First broadcast 31 January 1990, repeated 13 March 1990.


(JP: 'Sounding a bit like Billy Joel, I was going to say. Well, that's a trifle unfair, but I do prefer Nick Cave in a rather more tormented vein than that.')
(JP: 'Jellyfish of those bands that just give us their first names. I always assume that it's because members of the band have perhaps been telling various folk in authority that they're not actually working in any way at all. If they come after you, lads, just cite the precedent of the Harrods sale and I expect they'll give you a big kiss and let you off.')
(JP: 'That's Loop saying, "Have you got 50p for a cup of coffee?" to life.')
(JP: 'It's always nice to hear a band whose influences aren't immediately apparent.')
(JP: 'Here's a question you must have asked yourself at one time or another.')


  • best of peel vol 1 (with introductions)
  • Part 1 - 00:45:27
  • Part 2 - 00:45:33

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