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BOB (sometimes spelt as Bob) were an English indie band formed in North London in 1986 by Richard Blackborow, Simon Armstrong and Jem Morris during the C86 scene. Initially, they used a drum machine, before bringing in Gary Connors on drum duties. Connors was replaced, after just one official release, by ex-Jamie Wednesday drummer, Dean Leggett. Stephen Hersom (ex-The Caretaker Race) was drafted in on bass, to replace Morris. The group in 1992 lost their Rough Trade distribution after it's collapsed and disbanded in 1995.

Links To Peel

The band gave a copy of their first release, a flexi-disc called Prune (Your Tree) to John Peel when they encountered him in the Rough Trade record shop. Peel was impressed with the band's material that he invited the group three times to do a session for his show, which they did. The group's Convenience track entered at number 31 in Peel's annual Festive Fifty in 1989.

Festive Fifty Entries


BOB John Peel 7th January 198811:01

BOB John Peel 7th January 1988

1. Recorded: 1988-01-07. Broadcast: 18 January 1988. Repeated: 03 February 1988

  • Esmerelda Brooklyn / Kirsty / Trousercide / Brian Wilson's Bed

2. Recorded: 1989-02-05. Broadcast: 15 February 1989. Repeated: 04 April 1989

  • Who You Are / Scarecrow / It Was Kevin / So Far So Good

3. Recorded: 1989-09-03. Broadcast: 25 September 1989. Repeated: 16 November 1989

  • Extension 'Bob' Please (Instrumental) / Throw Away The Key / Bloodline / Wild West 9

Other Shows Played

BOB - Piggery02:23

BOB - Piggery


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