• 2004-03-31
  • As pointed out in this forum thread, the BBC listing for the show misses out the second track of the night, by Hyper Kinako. Peel expresses hope that there may be an album by the band before the end of the year. The band get in touch, thank him for playing the song, and say they hope to do an album. Also, news that their single has been made Single Of The Week by Kerrang! - "We don't know why. It might be an April Fool's joke."
  • The Mclusky track at the end of the show is also not mentioned on the BBC listing.



(JP: "Now, regular listeners, old school listeners, will remember that I used to play a lot of tracks by a band named Levellers 5, from Darwin, I think, in Lancashire, and they transmuted into Calvin Party and then disappeared. And to my great pleasure they have reappeared, still as Calvin Party, with a new LP, on Probe Plus, which is called 'Never As Black'. This is one of those songs that contain swearing, sensitive listeners.")
  1. Harvester
  2. Ca Viewing
  3. A Thief Detects The Criminal Elements Of The Ruling Class
  4. Driving Test
  5. Owls
  6. Cat And Canary/Matter No Medley
  7. Billy Mummy
  8. Go To Sleep
  9. We're All Water
  10. Marathon
  • Shitmat - 'Original Babylon (LP - Killababylonkutz)' (Planet Mu)
  • Dan Newman (Steveless) - 'One Of Us Has Moved On (LP- I Won't Walk By)' (White Label)
  • Jack Payne - 'Mucking About The Garden (78)' (Columbia)
  • Elephant Man - ' Jook Gal (Wine Wine) (Head Gawn Version) (7")' (Greensleeves/Livingstone)
  • Lightning Bolt - 'Live from Maida Vale' (Peel Session)
  1. Intro
  2. 2 Morrow Morrow Land
  3. On Fire
  4. Dracula Mountain
  5. Dead Cowboy
  6. 30,000 Monkeys
  7. Rotator


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  • Many thanks to B