• 1995-03-31
  • John positively raves about a Dick Dale gig he has been to, urges everyone to see him live, and reveals that the following week's programming has been changed to allow broadcast of a session by the man. Only a small portion of his gushing praise is reproduced below: see The Peel Sessions (Garner, K., BBC Books, 2007, p. 149) for more information.


  • Holy Ghost, one and only session. Recorded 1995-01-01. No known commercial release.


JP: "I've been to loads and loads of gigs. Well, I stopped counting at about 27,500. And there have been some perfectly extraordinary ones: Captain Beefheart in Hollywood, Elastica at Reading, the Faces in Sunderland, the Undertones in Huddersfield. And this week on Wednesday night there was one to match them all. It featured this man."
(JP: 'While I was playing that, I was thinking, actually, one of the few times in my life that I've ever wished I had a television programme, because I would like to put Dick Dale on that as well, because you can be sure that he won't be on television. There's any number of pathetic and hopeless human beings who will be...people who frankly have been on there so many times before that there doesn't seem much point in having them on there again. And you've got Dick Dale who comes along and does something which nobody else can do. People can get close to him, people can make an approximation of it, but nobody else, sort of like Hendrix, nobody else can do what he does. People should see it, it's absolutely astonishing.')
(JP: 'Did you see 'em on Top Of The Pops? It's kind of a will-she-won't-she moment, I must say.')
(JP: 'This next...has got a couple of the worst edits that have ever been put on a record, and the sound quality is such that it sounds as though it was recorded over the telephone. All of these things, of course, make it even more attractive.')
(JP: 'Well, we're now one minute into April 1st, so I suppose the rest of the programme should be filled with japes and jokes of one sort or another, but it's only just occurred to me, and I can't think of anything clever anyway, so we'll just press on.')
(JP: 'I wish I had a 'posse', you know. I just sit here on my own with a box of records and so forth. Westwood is on in some ten minutes' time...sorry, 51 minutes' time. Already they're gathering, like, coachloads of people, all standing around and having a great time, I don't doubt it.')
(JP: 'I often feel I ought to bring you a little more about my experiences during my National Service, my two years in the army. I think you could possibly benefit from one or two anecdotes about military life. This is one of the things I learned to do while I was in the army. It's called...')


  • 1995-03-31 John Peel BBC Radio 1
  • 03:03:21
  • File created from CB029 and CB030 of 500 Box. This very good mono recording is from tapes that show their age slightly in the stereo-like 'drift' at the beginning and end of each part. However, this soon settles.
  • Re-edited into one file: many thanks to Bill.

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