• 1979-07-31
  • With the recent addition of another portion of the show, the four files add up to around 78 minutes.



  • File 1 begins at start of show
  • Cockney Rejects: I Want To Be A Star (single) Small Wonder
  • Passengers: Two Lovers (single)
  • Yachts: March Of The Moderates (session)
  • Angelic Upstarts: We Are The People (LP – Teenage Warning) Warner Brothers
  • Rockers All Stars: Music Dub (LP – In The Light Dub) Hungry Town
  • Crass: Shaved Women (single – Reality Asylum b-side) Crass – cuts out

(tape flip at 20:10 into file, resumes at 20:25 with a section from late in programme but possibly not this programme)

(JP: “It’s been a week or two since I’ve had a favourite record. I think this could easily be the next.”)
(JP: “If you haven’t been listening to the programme for the last three weeks or so you won’t be aware of the Joy Division LP. If you’re not, I suggest that you get close to a copy of it and listen very carefully, very loudly and very often, because it is very good.”)


  • (1) 19790731 (to 10.20)   0807 (from 10.20) (31-07-79prt1000).mp3 misnamed
  • (2) 1979 07 31 (Yachts, Joy Division)
  • (3) 1979-07-31 Peel Show T014.aif
  • (4) 19790717a (from 25.45)+31 (to 25.45) (31-07-79000).mp3 misnamed
  • (1) 40.36 -- first 25.45 minutes of file (which continues with 15 minutes of what seems to be 17 July 1979).
  • (2) 19.58
  • (3) 22:15
  • (4) 31.11 -- first 10:20 minutes of file (followed by part of 07 August 1979).

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