• 1989-08-31
  • Pre-recorded show originally planned for broadcast the previous night, but postponed to this night due to surprise 50th birthday show.
  • File 3 has a slightly edited first hour of the show with some of Peel's links removed that was broadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music on 4th December 2016.
  • File 4 has a slightly edited second part of the show with some of Peel's links removed that meant to be broadcast on 4th December 2016, but was later added to the BBC Radio 6 Music website.
  • Around 40 minutes of the early part of this show is available on File 2, with a couple of extra tracks from the Rich 200 tape.
  • This means that just 3 minutes 15 s are missing from the show.


(Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)


  • File 3 starts the show
(JP: 'And after that we should spend five minutes in the company of Bros')
(JP: 'And to end tonight's programme, an oldie from Nirvana, Paper Cuts')
  • Nirvana: Paper Cuts (album - Bleach) Tupelo
  • Tracks marked # available on File 2.


  • 1) John Peel 19890815 - The Frank Chickens Session (rpt).mp3
  • 2) 1989-08-31 Peel Show R038.mp3
  • 3) John Peel 1989
  • 4) The Joy of 6
  • 1) 2:05:13 (this show starts at 01:25:07)
  • 2) 0:28:07
  • 3) 1:03:15 (0:00:53 - 0:58:50)
  • 4) 1:03:15 (0:02:19 - 0:33:54)
  • 3,4) combined, minus news and fake Grinderswitch intros - 1:25:23  (to 0:07:14 and from 0:45:59 are additional to File 1 share).

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