• 2003-10-30
  • Third of three shows for the One Live event in Brighton, featuring Melt-Banana, who draw rave reviews from Peel. Mogwai had also been due to play but pulled out at the last minute due to illness. Peel is very grateful to the late replacements.
  • Set details from the BBC Peel site.
  • Start of show: (JP (from stage): “Welcome to Brighton. The weather outside is appalling – there’s a storm, a lot of rain, seabirds being blown against the walls of four-star hotels – but we are going to try and warm things up for you here. And we start with one of the most extraordinary experiences available to you on the planet. Please, this is Melt-Banana!”)


(live sets from the Concorde 2 in Brighton for One Live)


  1. Sheild For Your Eyes
  2. F D C For Short
  3. Rragg
  4. Free The Bee
  5. Circle Jack
  6. First Contact To Planet Q
  7. Warp Back Spin
  8. Dreamer Who Is Too Weak To Face Up
  9. Chainshot To Have Some Fun
  10. His Name Is Mickey Act Last She Got Him
  11. We Love Choco Pa
  12. So Unfilial Rule
  13. Some Kind Of Id
  14. First Defy
  15. Zoo No Vacancy
  16. Scrubber
  17. Flip And Hit
  18. Iguana In Trouble
  19. Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold
  20. Get The Head Back
  21. Hunter In The Rain
  22. Like A White Bat In A Box
(JP: “Well, as extraordinary a performance as I have ever seen in my life, to rate alongside things like Captain Beefheart in Hollywood – well, I could make you a list but at some other time.”)
  1. Easy Life
  2. Playpen
  3. Democracies
  4. DIY
  1. I Want To Be President
  2. U O R
  3. This Deed
  4. The Valley’s
  1. DJ set


  • John_Peel_20031030.mp3
  • 2.00.30
  • Many thanks to B!

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