• 2002-10-30
  • Second of three shows from Nottingham Boat Club, part of a One Live in Nottingham week for Nottingham Rock City. Peel announces the bands from the stage and also uses the ladies changing room as his studio. More details on the gig are available on the BBC site.
  • JP: "I should tell you that the Boat Club is located on the banks of the Trent. It's a lovely location. There's a nice pub down the road and apparently a good Indian restaurant round the corner."
  • JP: "Historically, these Radio One events used at one time to be called Radio One Fun Weeks, which was obviously a classic misnomer - you'd go all the way to somewhere like Glasgow or Edinburgh with Dave Lee Travis and Simon Bates, Noel Edmonds, all of the guys, you know. They would do things like fill your hotel room with cockerels, and what we would do musically was we'd bring bands up from London and other parts of the country and do nothing at all to encourage what was going on locally. We've changed a bit now."
  • JP (roughly in time with "Cheerleader"): "I'm John, I'm furious, my team just lost in Europe." He was referring to Liverpool's 1-0 home defeat in the Champions League to Valencia, then managed by subsequent Reds boss Rafa Benitez.
  • The first hour of the show is dominated by the Bays set. File a) cuts out during the first number from Echoboy. File b) is the complete show.



  • Bays (live at Nottingham Boat Club)
  1. Untitled
  1. 'The Illest'
  2. 'Make It Better'
  3. 'Nottingham Bronx'
  4. 'Showstopper'
  5. '3 Kings'
  1. 'Automatic Eyes'
  2. 'Summer Rhythm'
  3. 'Wasted Spaces'
  4. 'Lately Lonely'


  • a) Peel_The_Bays_.mp3, Peel_the_Bays_2.mp3
  • b) John_Peel_20021030.mp3
  • a) 00:48:17, 00:48:22
  • b) 02:00:30
  • a) 320 kbps. Due to radio compression, the files are rather low volume in places. This can be adjusted using Audacity or similar software.
  • b) Many thanks to B! Originally shared as part of John Peel 2002-10.

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