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30 November 1991

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  • 1991-11-30
  • Peel went to see Ipswich play Tranmere Rovers that day: Ipswich won 4-0.
  • John is doing the programme in a studio normally used for Radio 2 programmes, and misses the loudspeakers of his Radio 1 console: he describes the sound coming from the ones he is using as "a butterfly farting in a neighbouring county."
  • So impressed is he with the Pitch Shifter single that he calls the band to ask them if they'd like to do another session, but apparently receives a less than enthusiastic response. (They eventually acquiesced in 1993.)
  • Due to the heavily edited nature of these files, some 48 minutes are missing. However, all session tracks are intact.



(JP: 'Ah, I shall have the hang of this by 2 o'clock, you wait and see.')
(JP: 'Obviously I have no idea at all what the Vibes are all doing these days, but I hope that they're all well and happy and sleep well, because having made a record as wonderful as that is nothing to be sniffed at, I think.')
(JP: 'I have a favourite lay by myself, just off the A11, in fact I had about a twenty-minute snooze in it earlier on this evening. I think you'd be quite touched if you could have seen me there.')
(JP: 'Much misunderstood and in reality as cuddly as Care Bears.')

Tracks marked # on File c

Tracks marked § on File d, the number being the order on tape. Tracks on File d that cannot be placed on the running order are listed below.


  • a) 1991-11-30 John Peel BBC Radio 1 (incomplete)
  • b) L010b.mp3
  • c) L011b.mp3
  • d) L011a AK.mp3
  • a) 01:29:52
  • b) 00:42:25
  • c) 00:46:37 (from 31:26)
  • d) 00:42:40 (to 20:15)

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