• Nachtexpress
  • Ô3 (Austria)
  • 1994-05-30
  • Unusually, this show was not transmitted in Peel's regular first Monday of the month spot.
  • Urban South come from Birmingham, and Peel, in expressing surprise at the lack of big names to come from there, mentions Mothers, which he say was "the best club in the whole country."
  • "Certainly wouldn't miss an opportunity to follow Junior Elvis with Senior Elvis. I know that's kind of corny, but it's the sort of thing we DJs are obliged by the terms of our contracts to do, I'm afraid."


  • None


(JP: 'There's been some controversy over the sleeve, which is a close-up photograph of somebody being born. I mean, it's a process by which we all came into the world, quite clearly, but some shops have taken exception to it and refused to stock the record, which strikes me as faintly ridiculous. If it showed a picture of a dead body, I'm sure they'd have no hesitation at all in putting it in the shops.')
(JP: 'By the time you get to hear this programme, I shall actually be on the Isle Of Man for the TT racing once again, which is bikes, of course. And there are always loads of Austrians there too, and you see their bikes going around, you know, with their licence plates on, and you think, "Oh, there's some Austrian people", and I'm always tempted to go up to them and say, "Do you ever hear a programme, Nachtexpress, John Peel?" I'm frightened just in case they say, "Yes sir, we hate it very much", and so I don't do it. One of these days I'll pluck up the courage.')
(JP: 'Well, I think it's really nice to hear young people say DAAAAHHHH! to life.')
(JP: 'I've almost torn me throat out singing along with that one, goodness me.')


  • John Peel Nachtexpress 30 May 1994
  • 00:47:17
  • Many thanks to the original taper and uploader.

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