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30 July 1994

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Show Edit

  • 1994-07-30
  • ‘Well I’ve a pile of fine records for you. Sessions from Eggs and Unsane. Fill My pockets with dirt and I’m ready to rock.’
  • 'Fill my pockets with dirt' refers to England's cricket captain Mike Atherton's faux pas the previous week in the test match at Lords against South Africa.
  • A two hour fifteen minute recording of a two and a half hour show is available.
  • Tracklistings for the parts the show not included on the recording have also been added, these are marked §, details are taken from Lorcan’s Playlist Archive .

Sessions Edit

  • Unsane, #3. Recorded 7 June 1994. No known commercial release.
  • Eggs, one and only session. Recorded 23 May 1994. No known commercial release.

Tracklisting Edit

(‘JP: Should be made available for the public through the social services, I think’)
(tape flip)
(5:30 news)
(tape flip)
(JP: ‘...and when I first broadcast the original on Top Gear, I never imagined that I’d be playing a cover of it 27 years later’.)
(6:30 news)
(End of recording)

File Edit

  • Peel Show 1994-07-30
  • 02:20:08
  • Many thanks to the taper.
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