• 1979-08-30
  • This show is devoted to the final 33 records from the 40 that Peel plays over two nights to mark his 40th birthday. Due to time restrictions, the first seven were played the previous evening, 29 August 1979. A full list of the 40 from one of the music papers appears is posted in the Files section of the Peel Mailing List. These don't seem to be in the order played, but Peel says they aren't necessary his favourite 40 records anyway. Rather, they are the 40 he would like to hear at his birthday party. Several, however, did appear in John Peel's Record Box of some of his favourite singles or in The Peelenium.
  • The music paper listing includes Slippin' And Slidin' on Speciality, presumably by Little Richard, which isn't included on the available files. It doesn't appear the previous evening but would complete the 40. It is not clear when it was played on the show. Updated: Slippin' And Slidin' was definitely played in between Silicon Teens and Neil Young. This is included on the Derby Box File.
  • Final full track of the evening, You'll Never Walk Alone by the Kop Choir, is played as a bonus to the birthday 40. Peel judges it "the best record of the lot". The Bonzo Dog Band clip at the very end is introduced as "the ghost of birthdays past."
  • The show was rebroadcast on BBC Radio 6 Music in October 2016 as part of their My Generation feature. This is a high quality recording of the entire show, so a different source to previous shares


All records show



  • BBC Radio 1 - John Peel Party 40 October 1979 - 01 - Cassette One Side A.mp3
  • BBC Radio 1 - John Peel Party 40 October 1979 - 02 - Cassette One Side B.mp3
  • BBC Radio 1 - John Peel Party 40 October 1979 - 03 - Cassette Two Side A.mp3
  • BBC Radio 1 - John Peel Party 40 October 1979 - 04 - Cassette Two Side B.mp3
  • 1979-08-30 John Peel BBC Radio 1
  • 1979-08-30 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete) DB104.mp3
  • 00:46:43 (final 22 minutes)
  • 00:46:37
  • 00:32:09
  • 00:20:58
  • 01:56:41 (patched version)
  • 01:08:07 (Derby Box. First 68 minutes - cuts out towards the end of Neil Young)
  • 'Slippin' And Slidin' by Little Richard is not included in these files. See Comments section above.
  • Many thanks to Bill for the patched version.
  • Derby Box file created from DB104 of Derby Box, digitised by RF.

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