• 1987-09-29


  • Recording is missing the first 45 minutes from this show.
  • Peel explains that both Walters and office secretary Janice were off sick during the day, so he had to do all the work for the show, including answering the telephone. He resorts to reading the music press while the records are playing in order to discover what gigs, if any, his session guests have coming up.
  • Peel is unsure of the pronunciation of the word 'Shamen' and admits, "the ludicrous thing is that I spoke to a member of the band on the phone this very morning. I should have cleared up the pronunciation of it with him then."



(File a) cuts in with a very bumpy level during the first seconds)
(JP: 'Here's the good news about tomorrow:' Tommy Vance trailer for the following day on Radio One, the station's 20th birthday. They will be counting down the top 100 best-selling singles and albums of the last two decades throughout the day.)
(File a) ends, File b) and c) begin)
  • (JP: 'In addition to being Radio One's 20th birthday tomorrow, it's also Johnny Mathis's and record producer Gus Dudgeon's. It would have been Marc Bolan's, ironically, too. And I see that tomorrow morning Mike Smith at 7 o'clock plays host to all of the Radio 1 breakfast show DJ's: That's Tony Blackburn, Noel Edmonds, Dave Lee Travis and Mike Read. And they get together around the toast and coffee for a chat and a trip down memory lane. And you can hear numbers 89-72 in the single and album countdown. And this is another one of those records that Charlie Gillett brought both - actually he was very very good, he brought two copies of everything, so Andy and I wouldn't be squabbling over which ones were which and we were listening to some of them earlier this evening, including this one:')
  • Julizya: Ayindundula (Album: Tai Yaka) Kariba
    (JP: 'Ayindundula is aproximitly the title of the piece and the band is called Julizya. And again we have no real guide how to properly pronounce, so ... and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Andy doesn't play more, if not by this band, but others from this selection of records which Charlie's brought back for us from Zambia, is that right? I think this is what it came from. Anyway, there's one particular record which Andy is very keen to play to you on Thursday night which starts with a baby cry. I've got a copy of it, but being a descent kind of chap, I thought I'll let you play it first. That's the sort of human I am.')
  • Motorcycle Boy: I Could Make You Happy (Peel Session)
  • Cud: Mind The Gap (Single: Mind The Gap) Reception Records
  • Lady Sugar Sweet: Sugar Sweet (Album, Comp.: Hard As Hell! Rap's Next Generation) Music Of Life
  • Heresy: Belief / Network Of Friends (Peel Session)
  • Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart (EP: The Peel Session) Strange Fruit
  • Wailing Souls: Who No Waan Come (Album: Wailing) Jah Guidance
(File b) and c) end at end of show)


  • a) JP870929#1.1.mp3
  • b) JP870929#1.2.mp3 or John Peel 19870930 - Motorcycle Boy and Heresy #1.2.flac (misdated)
  • a) 00:46:42
  • b) 00:28:40
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Available on L007

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