• 2002-10-29
  • Start of show: "Good evening, boys and girls. As as some of you may know, I was recently voted the 43rd greatest Briton in the whole history of the country, this purely on the strength of being able to say the names of records and then play them on the radio. And I didn't feel this was enough, so I've been working on some other stuff. And see what you think of this, because I can now shout the names of bands from a stage in Nottingham. Are you ready for this? The Datsuns!"
  • First of three shows mostly taken up with live performances from Nottingham Boat Club, part of a One Live in Nottingham week for Nottingham Rock City, as well as coinciding with the venue's 40th anniversary. Peel announces the bands from the stage and also uses the ladies changing room as his studio. Photos etc from the gig are available on the BBC site.
  • The Datsuns, en route to New York from New Zealand, play for over an hour and join Peel briefly in his makeshift studio at the end of the show.



  1. 'Song 1'
  2. 'Lady'
  3. 'Supergyration'
  4. 'Harmonic Generator'
  5. 'What Would I Know'
  6. 'Motherfucker From Hell'
  7. 'Its Kinda Like Being In Love'
  8. You're The Man'
  9. 'Sitting Pretty'
  10. 'At Your Touch'
  11. 'Little Sister'
  12. 'Freeze Sucker'
  13. 'Goodnight Now Ladies And Gentlemen'
  1. Unknown (all tracks)
  1. 'The Loves Us And Is Our Bitch'
  2. 'Collagen Rock'
  3. 'Join The Mevolution'
  4. 'What We've Learned'
  5. 'Alun Is A Cowboy Killer'
  6. 'To Hell With Good Intentions'
  7. 'Chases'
  8. 'Dethink To Survive'
  9. 'Whoyouknow'


  • John_Peel_20021029.mp3
  • 01:59:32
  • The first couple of minutes of the file are from the previous show. File also cuts out just before the end of the show.