• BBC Radio One
  • 2002-05-29
  • “Zo, pounding beat music!”
  • Peel has been to a BBC event earlier that evening where he ran into Andy Kershaw. Plays the Mary Gauthier track from what is apparently Kershaw’s favourite album of the year so far.
  • After the previous week’s Ronnie Ronalde session, some listeners have written in proposing one from Humphrey Lyttleton (responsible for tonight’s Pig's Big 78). Peel says he will enquire, but not sure if the celebrated jazzman and broadcaster still does music gigs.
  • JP: “You know, I wish I could work myself into a frenzy over the World Cup, but … I’m not engaged yet, I can’t get excited about it. I’m sure I will, but at the moment rien, as they say in France.” Peel does, however, canvas listeners for good football songs, which he says will try to play over the next few weeks.
  • Peel not happy about his show the following night being taken by a four-hour Evening Session special by Steve Lamacq from the Shetlands – “It’s like having somebody else use your toothbrush, and if you didn’t feel like that you shouldn’t be doing the job in the first place.”
  • News: deal announced to give the Millenium Dome away for nothing for conversion to sport and music arena.


  • Persil #2 First broadcast. Recorded 2002-03-24. No known commercial release.



  • John_Peel_20020529
  • 2.00.30
  • Many thanks to B!

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