• 2001-05-29
  • First play on the programme for local Bury St Edmunds band Miss Black America. Peel says that he'd planned to go and see them in the town the previous evening, but didn't go because he didn't know where the venue was.
  • JP: "I used to have this great cassette that I got from Andy Kershaw. Wish I could find it somewhere or could get another copy of it from Andy. I used to just start it during the programme and just let it run. It was something which he'd recorded when we'd been at the Isle of Man for the TT racing and so it would be like three or four minute delay then a bike would come hurtling past. [the G-Pal record demonstrates such a sound] Just like that! Amazing. And I liked it really cos I liked the random nature of it. Sometimes it would come up in the middle of a link, you know, I'd be chatting away and a bike would come howling past. Those were the days eh?"
  • A listener has written in to say that a poll on a Liverpool FC website ranks Peel at number 4 in a list of the "coolest celebrity Liverpool fan". Kirsty Gallacher tops the poll.
  • Peel explains the process of how they record tracks for the Pig's Big 78 feature at home, pointing out that you can hear the floor creaking as Peel leans over to start the record. He plays the beginning of tonight's selection again to demonstrate this.



JP: "This is I'm afraid an LP that you do have to have. I don't often say that but it really is the case. If you don't, people will point at you in the street and laugh."
Chat with Mary Anne Hobbs.


  • John Peel 20010529 128K.wma (title Cat's Caravan)
  • 2:00:37