• 1987-07-29
  • Peel says he has a group called Into The Wilderness fixing the puncture on his car (in the pouring rain)!
  • In return he will listen to their demo tape.
  • Peel obtains a Chinese record, which Andy Kershaw gave him, while he was in Amsterdam. Peel didn't know the name of the record, as it was all written in the Chinese script. The record turns out to be from the Taiwanese singer, Yao Su Rong
  • Later on announces that Johnny Marr has left The Smiths.
  • The midnight news announces killings in Asia and floods in England - nothing ever changes!
  • File 5 (part 3) has the last 26 minutes of the show, ending with the familiar signature tune. John says the news is next, but the file launches straight into a live Los Lobos session, part of an Andy Kershaw show. The Los Lobos tracks performed are 'Volver, Volver' (omitted), 'I Got Loaded', 'Shakin' Shakin' Shakes', 'Set Me Free (Rosa Lee)' and 'Don't Worry Baby'. These are followed by 10,000 Maniacs ('A Campfire Song' - LP In My Tribe) and James Carr ('Forgetting You') .


(Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)



  • Peel19870729 AC Temple & Great Leap Forwards a.mp3
  • Peel19870729 AC Temple & Great Leap Forwards b.mp3
  • 01 John Peel Show 29 July 1987 part 1.m4a
  • 02 John Peel Show 29 July 1987 part 2.m4a
  • 03 John Peel Show 29 July 1987 part 3.m4a
  • 62:44
  • 58:01
  • 46:43
  • 46:43
  • 47:20
  • Files 1 and 2 no longer available
  • Files 3, 4 and 5 'Peel Tapes Rewound' via The Peel Tapes.  Direct Link - Mooo

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