• 1979-01-29
  • Now complete, slightly short of 2 hours which may be a combination of slightly fast running and tape flips.
  • Peel is happy with the new Radio One evening schedule: "Quite an exciting programme for me this actually, because if you think about it, this is the first time in a very long time when I've actually followed a programme which might be listened to by people who would also listen to this, if you see what I mean. In other words, people would be listening to Andy Peebles and then stay on at 10 o'clock and say, "Let's listen to this Peel blighter and see what he's like." And perhaps stay with the programme for perhaps three or four minutes. Whereas previously obviously following things like Friday Night Is Music Night, you didn't get a great many people - in fact, I should be amazed if I met anybody who listened to Friday Night Is Music Night and then listened to my programme following it. Especially as Tommy Vance is on Friday nights - but you know what I mean."
  • Trails an exciting competition to win a John Peel pen - "mainly because we've got drawers of the things and we can't get think of any way to rid of them" - coming up later in the week.
  • Congratulates himself for playing the Cabaret Voltaire track correctly at 33 rpm, even though it is from a 7" double EP. Claims it's "quite a long time" since he played a record at the wrong speed.


  • Generation X: #3 Recorded 15th January 1979, first broadcast. (NOTE: Ken Garner's The Peel Sessions book and the BBC Peel pages give 14 February 1979 as the broadcast date, however the shows index in Ken's book indicates that the February date is a repeat). All tracks available on the Strange Fruit CD SFRCD 105.
  • The Ruts: #1 Recorded 23rd January 1979, first broadcast. All tracks available on the Strange Fruit CD SFRCD 109 released in 1990


Start of show.
(JP: "Like a soldier needs a gun, and a hamburger needs a bun! One of the most incongruous couplets in the history of rock music!")
(JP: "Kid Jensen doesn't like that record. Altogether now "Kid Jenken is a ninny.")


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