• 1982-12-29
  • The ninth and penultimate part of Peel's twin charts for All-Time (AT) and the year 1982 only (FF). Currently, only the chart rundown is available.

Session Repeats

  • Passage, #3. Recorded 1982-05-24. Available on BBC Sessions (LTM Publishing).
  • Laurel And Hardy (2), one and only session. Recorded 1982-10-20. No known commercial release.
  • 3D A Fish In Sea, #1. Recorded 1982-03-27. No known commercial release. The band were subsequently known merely as the 3Ds.
  • Cravats, #4. Recorded 1982-11-06. No known commercial release.


1982 Festive Fifty: Numbers 10-06

  • 10 (AT): Clash, '(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais (7")' (CBS)
  • 10 (FF): Wild Swans, 'Revolutionary Spirit (12")' (Zoo)
(JP: 'I'm with you on that one, brothers and sisters.')
  • 09 (AT): Bauhaus, 'Bela Lugosi's Dead (12")' (Small Wonder)
(JP: 'Bela Lugosi's dead. And just yesterday he was saying his board of directors was behind him 110%.')
  • 09 (FF): Artery, 'Into The Garden (Mini LP-Oceans)' (Red Flame)
(JP: 'And at number eight amongst your all-time favourites, very possibly my all-time favourite. Certainly one of a handful of records which still brings a lump to my throat every time I hear it, and I mean every time.')


  • 1) JP19821229.mp3
  • 2) and 3) John Peel Festive Fifty 1982 Parts 17 and 18
  • 1) 00:47:59
  • Part 17 - 00:24:26
  • Part 18 - 00:22:37
  • 1) Very good stereo sound at 256 kbps. Many thanks to Peel Mailing List member ray_b2 for uploading this show.
  • 2) and 3) Part 18 cuts out just after the final track begins.

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