• 2000-08-29
  • Start of show: "I've noticed that Lammo always ends with a Rockin' tune and we're going to start with one ...."
  • He had apparently spent the evening at the Kerrang awards sitting at a table with Dave Hill and Britt Ekland. Ekland broke her ankle at this event, supposedly by slipping on a piece of grapefruit. Peel tells us that she was carried onstage by someone in order to present an award. He had considered carrying her on, himself, but worried how his family would react if he collapsed and died under Britt Ekland.
  • Set up a competition to give 10 listeners 250 12" records. In an eerily prescient moment, his question was about the band that Klute (see 14 October 2004) played in before he started making dance music.
  • Show features two wrong speed moments (Frankie Laine and Jackson Browne) and a bit of involuntary mixing with the Redeemer being played over the top of the Mikey General track, caused, as ever, by Peel "leaning against the fader in a casual way" .


  • Ex Girl, one and only session. No known commercial release. According to 'The Peel Sessions - Ken Garner (BBC Books)', the session was recorded on 2000-08-30 and broadcast on 2000-08-29, meaning Maida Vale 4 crosses the International Date Line !


File b begins

  • Bushman: 'Na Go Fall' ( ) King Jammy's
  • Skeptic: 'Luminous' (12" Single) Fuze
  • Marble Valley: 'Duche Dog E Dog' (LP 'Sunset Sprinkler') Echo Static
  • Ex Girl: 'Gin Kong Ji' (Peel Session)
  • Model Ford: 'Ice Cream Van Man' (7" Single) Villa Real
  • Blake Baxter: 'Ghost' (LP 'Dream Sequence') Tresor
  • Jackson Browne: 'Before The Deluge' (LP 'Late For The Sky) Asylum
  • Kian: 'Controller' (White Label)
  • Ex Girl: 'Aji Fry' (Peel Session)
  • Spite: 'Thin & Getting Thinner' (LP 'Bastard Complex') Prosthetic


  • a) John Peel - 2000-08-29 (FM) (DK recorded).mp3
  • b) jp000829
  • a) 02:00:39
  • b) 00:55:44
  • a) Many thanks to David and Gary!
  • b) Many thanks to Max-dat.
  • a) Not currently available online
  • b) Mooo

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