• 1989-08-29
  • The show was broadcast on the same evening as a surprise gig at Subterranea in London to celebrate John Peel's 50th birthday. This featured The Fall, Wedding Present and House of Love. These sets went out the following night, 30 August 1989. (See also The Fall celebrate John Peel's 50th Birthday.)
  • Some confusion about the date of this show. On this point: (K) There was no show on the 28th. This is a giveaway from Peel's opening link: "Apologies about last night's show... I did not discover until Saturday that I was surplus to requirements". The Monday 28/8/89 show was cancelled (Bank Holiday); the Tuesday 29th with The Telescopes repeat - andrew's tape - was pre-recorded earlier that day, obviously now I think about it so John Walters could get Peel down to the surprise 50th birthday gig at Subteranea that night; the recording of that party went out on wed 30th as we know; then on Thurs 31st it was the show with Where's The Beach that Peel had also pre-recorded on the 29th thinking it was for his birthday.
  • (Andrew) Apologies for confusion. The tape does say 28th August (Monday) but a diary from that year says that I recorded Peel for the first time in ages on the Tuesday (29th August). Bound to be more inaccurate dates to come, keep your eyes, erm, peeled.



(tape flip)


  • 28th August 89 Part 1 mp3 (85.3Mb) flac (306.5Mb)
  • 28th August 89 Part 2 mp3 (64.8Mb) flac (270.6Mb)
  • 47.02
  • 42.43

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