• 1982-04-29
  • The Ravishing Beauties featured the talents of singer Virginia Astley, later to find some success as a solo artist.
  • Three tracks from the new Altered Images LP are aired.
  • In the news: attempts to find a diplomatic solution to the Falkland Islands conflict continue as military action edges closer.


(Please add details of any commercial release of these sessions)


JP: "Hello. It's luscious, pouting tip-tilted singing star John Peel with a programme featuring the Cherry Boys and the Ravishing Beauties, the latter being heard for the first time outside Walters Weekly, a programme which is also produced by Chris Lycett. Sort of, Chris fertilisation if you like. Ha!"
JP: "And now some good news for listeners dabbling in the commodity market. Future's looking fine."
JP: "The backing voices and whistling unhealthily low in the mix in my view, but otherwise fine."
JP: "That was Minor Threat, making Wire sound like Bardo."
JP: "I first heard the single version of that when I was driving back with a band called Dan Yankee and the Carpetbaggers from a gig on an Indian reservation in the south of Oklahoma, driving through the woods at about three o'clock in the morning, something like that. And that came out of the radio. Terrific it was."
JP: "Vera Lynns for the 1980s I expect."


  • peel_29.4.MP3
  • 1:59.05

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