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28 October 1999

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Show Edit

  • 1999-10-28
  • The last of four shows from Sound City in Liverpool.
  • The beginning of the show has Steve Lamacq teasing listeners by stating that either he or Peel has performed live on stage and invites them to guess who. The rather unsurprising answer is given by Peel when introducing Salako.
  • The Frank Frost track is played in tribute to the blues harmonica player who had died on October 12. However, the memorial is not only belated but barely respectful, since time allows merely a one-minute burst.
  • JP reveals that Bob Dylan is the first artist Sheila played that her parents disliked.
  • Pavement are revealed to like cricket and support India.

Sessions Edit

  • None

Tracklisting Edit

Salako live from the Royal Court at Sound City Liverpool

(JP: 'This is not, actually, the first time that I have trod these boards, as they say in theatrical circles. When I was about eight years old, and that tall, and a mass of blond curls and as cute as you like, I stood on this stage with the late Frankie Howerd and about 40, 50 other small children, and sang "Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear." If we had more time, I'd sing it for you again, but I think that much excitement would probably be unhealthy for you.')
  1. Look Left
  2. ?
  3. Do It Yourself
  4. The Bird & The Bag
  5. ?

Peelenium 1965Edit

  1. Bob Dylan: 'It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (LP-Highway 61 Revisited)' (CBS)
  2. Hollies: 'Look Through Any Window (7")' (Parlophone)
  3. Otis Redding: 'Ole Man Trouble (LP-Otis Blue)' (Volt)
  4. John Fahey: 'Sail Away Ladies (LP-Guitar Vol. 4 / The Great San Bernadino Birthday Party And Other Excursions)' (Takoma)
  • unknown

Stereolab live from the Royal Court at Sound City Liverpool

  1. Escape Pod [From the World of Medical Observations]
  2. The Free Design
  3. Metronomic Underground
  4. Op Hop Detonation
  5. Analogue Rock

Pavement live from the Royal Court at Sound City Liverpool

  1. Cut Your Hair
  2. Spit On A Stranger
  3. Kennel District
  4. Shady Lane
  5. You Are A Light
  6. Billie
  7. Stereo
  8. Major Leagues
  9. Two States
  10. The Killing Moon

File Edit

  • Peel Show 1999-10-28
  • 01:58:25
  • Many thanks to the taper.
  1. Donated to Peel by the band when they performed live at Maida Vale (21 September 1999).

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