• 1990-10-28
  • Regrettably, the only unedited portion of this 3 hour show is a 46 minute stretch from the early part of the show. However selected tracks, including the remaining session tracks, have now been made available. A little more of Peel's comments are available on file c
  • A hilarious moment ensues when JP desperately tries to get the CD containing the Cure track, which is only 10 seconds long, to play. Andy Kershaw is in the background, and comments, when only a couple of seconds play initially, 'I think that's all we need to hear of that.'
  • He conducts a phone interview with David Gedge in which he chats about gigs David has recently been to, and the new session.


  • Bridewell Taxis, one and only session. Recorded 1990-09-18. No known commercial release.
  • Wedding Present, #8. Recorded 1990-10-14. Available on Complete Peel Sessions (Sanctuary CMXBX1447).


(JP: "There are many pleasures, actually, to be derived from working at Radio One over the weekend, because the building is by and large deserted most of the time. Occasionally, I take all of my clothes off and run naked, screaming obscenities, through the corridors: but more importantly, and more often too, I play records enormously loud. So loud, in fact, that this afternoon, I gave myself earache by listening to this next LP in particular.")
  • Surgery, 'L7 (LP-Nationwide)' (Amphetamine Reptile/Glitterhouse) e
  • Merrill E. Moore, 'House Of Blue Lights (LP-Belly Full Of Blue Thunder)' (Ember)
(JP: "There must be some significance to this "L7" which I don't fully understand. It's probably something saucy, like a lubricant.")
(phone interview with David Gedge) c
(JP: "I'm not just saying this because David Gedge is listening and he's bigger than me, but I think that's magnificent.")


  • a) Peel Show 1990-10-28 (incomplete)
  • b) 1990-10-xx Peel
  • c) RF Sessions 12.mp3
  • d) 1990-10-xx-11-xx Peel Show LE087
  • e) best of peel vol 16 part 1 (with introductions)
  • a) 46:18
  • b) 54:25 (this show from 03:58 to 43:56) (31 unique)
  • c) 1:23:11 (24:47-58:46) (dubbed out of order to group session tracks)
  • d) 1:36:35 (29:29-55:23) (to 38:30, and 47:27-51:31 additional)
  • e) 00:46:48 (to 28:40) (9:42 on additional)

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