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28 May 1994

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Show Edit

  • 1994-05-28
  • A two hour twenty minute recording of a two and a half hour show is available.
  • "And so farewell Harvey Sid Fisher you have served us well."
  • John gives away ten pairs of four day tickets for the 1994 Phoenix Festival , as part of the '1FM 10,000 ticket giveaway' promotion.
  • Tracklistings for the parts of the programme not included on the recording have also been added, these are marked §. Details are taken from Lorcan’s Playlist Archive .
  • Tracks marked # are available on the 1994 (May-Sep) mixtape over on the Gibson's Tapes page.

Sessions Edit

  • 3D’s one and only session, recorded 24 April 1994. No known commercial release.
  • Breed #3, repeat of a session first broadcast 06 November 1993. Session recorded 11 October 1993. No known commercial release. The track ‘Greatest Story Never Told’ not included on the available recording.

Tracklisting Edit

(Tape Flip)
(5:30 news)
  • Juno Reactor: ‘High Energy Protons [Voodoo People Mix] (12 inch )’ NovaMute
  • Breed: ‘Violent Sentimental’ (Peel Session)
(JP: ‘..he’s a fan of Harvey Sid Fisher and quite clearly like so many other millions of people all over the country he’s going to be grieving over the fact that this is the last track I shall be playing from Harvey Sid Fisher’s LP Astrology Songs...’)
(Tape Flip)
(6:30 news)

File Edit

  • Peel Show 1994-05-28 (incomplete)
  • 02:21:04
  • Many thanks to the taper.

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