• 1979-06-28
  • His remark that Pocahantas by Neil Young is perhaps the first mention of Marlon Brando in popular song prompts listeners to write in over the next few weeks to point out that this isn't the case (see 12 July 1979).
  • Peel then treats us to his impression of the actor.
  • John has a lot of trouble with the album "Waves: An Anthology Of New Music" a warped powder-blue vinyl record. One track plays OK but then a further two tracks skip and he ends up smashing the record by flinging it against the studio wall!
  • He is somewhat taken with an erotic photograph on the back of the Jane Aire & The Belvederes record, although John Walters apparently was nonplussed.



JP: "... perhaps the first popular song ever to mention Marlon Brando..."
JP: "The only reason I played that of course is 'cos I thought it said Liverpool in it. It actually said 'look a fool', which makes me look a fool."
  • Wire: A Question Of Degree (7") Harvest
  • Ricky Nelson: Lonesome Town
  • Cramps: Lonesome Town (EP - Gravest Hits)
  • Marshalls: You Don't Care (LP - Waves: An Anthology Of New Music Vol 1) Bomp (also aborted due to skipping)
Peel then smashes the LP against the studio wall.


  • File 1 1979-06-28 John Peel Radio 1 (incomplete).mp3
  • File 2 02-7-19.mp3
  • 1:18:49
  • 1.34.44 (first 6 minutes only)
  • Incomplete show, missing the first UK Subs track.

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