• 1999-01-28
  • Two full recordings of the show now available.
  • Start of show: "I tell you what, it's really spooky listening to the trade update at our end because here at Peel Acres, because all you get is the musical aspects of it."
  • JP seems relaxed: the Pig appears in the studio with him for what he says is the first time, as she tries to get him to help with the crossword. JP also makes what he thinks is his first mistake at Peel Acres.
  • The Boys track was re-released in 1999 by Vinyl Japan both as a 45 single and on albums in vinyl and CD format (BBC/Peel Sessions and In Concert). Full discography of the band here.
  • The Users song was something of a JP favourite, featuring first in his self-chosen 1977 Festive Fifty (#37) and later in John Peel's Record Box (two copies).
  • This show contains a quintessential Peel moment. John recounts how a bunch of lads outside the studio handed him a CD earlier that week. He says this one is really good and is from a band called Sensless Prayer. JP proceeds to play it, says he hopes they’re listening and gives out their phone number so fans can contact them and encourage them. As a result, Sensless Prayer end up doing a session, which is broadcast on 04 August 1999.
  • JP tells a strange tale of how Johnny Vaughan came to quote Misty In Roots (“you are like a cabbage in this society”) on The Big Breakfast show.
  • It’s Robert Wyatt’s 54th birthday and Peel plays a favorite track and invites himself to visit Robert soon.
  • On the news front, NATO plans air strikes over Kosovo, and the press attempt to get their first official pictures of Charles & Camilla.




  • a) Peel19990128 Metrotone a & b
  • b) jp280199
  • a) 00:59:48, 00:51:50
  • b) 01:48:40
  • a) Many thanks to Andrew and Gary. About 10 minutes of Andy Kershaw on end of recording.
  • b) Many thanks to Max-dat.
  1. This track would later be released on a Fierce Panda compilation Dope Is Important.