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28 December 1978

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  • 1978-12-28
  • Third of four long-lost shows featuring the 1978 Festive Fifty. Part of the show is also available from the Hinton Box, BH005 Side B, in subfusc stereo, with some Peel links retained. Tracks on this file are marked §.

Session Repeats


  • Magazine: 'The Light Pours Out Of Me' (Peel Session) §
(JP: 'Ah, you're gonna end it there. Alright, it's entirely up to you...I was outraged actually upon reading the paper this morning to see that Kenny Dalglish was only voted eighth in the European Footballer Of The Year poll. Ridiculous, perhaps it'll be next year for him anyway.') §
(JP: 'I must admit I am looking forward to 1979, I mean I think 1978's been a great year with some extravagantly good records, and I find that I drive a little slower now when on my way home just to be on the safe side because there are things like the Fall LP to look forward to and more gigs with the Molesters and so on, you must be careful you know.')

1978 Festive Fifty: Numbers 25-11


  • a) 1978-12-28 John Peel BBC Radio 1
  • b) BH005 JP 1978-12-28 Side B
  • a) 01:59:53
  • b) 00:25:59
  1. Referred to as "Real Life" (actually the album it's from).

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