• 2001-08-28
  • Peel complains that the light in the studio isn't working properly. It's so dim that he can't read the date on which the Birthday Party session track was recorded.
  • The telephone isn't working either, leaving Peel to muse that since they are unable to contact the outside world, London may have been devastated in some terrible apocalyptic event.
  • The Al Ferrier single was discovered after his death among his favorite 45s in John Peel's Record Box.
  • Peel had received his birthday phonecall over the weekend from Captain Beefheart. He says, 'I never know what to say to him, because he comes on the phone and he's always incredibly jolly. He sounds unwell, but he's incredibly jolly. I'm so awestruck - because to me it is like as though God phoned you up and said, 'hi, how's it going down there. Everything alright? Studio working properly?' - that sort of thing. God never does that, but Captain Beefheart does.'
  • Peel also mentions that he told the Captain about Cat Power covering 'Come On In My Kitchen' the previous week during her live session at Peel Acres. This prompted the Captain to sing it down the phone to him, which Peel describes as a moving experience.


  • Pulp #4 First broadcast.



  • John Peel 28-08-01.mp3

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