1983-04-28 999th TOTP
  • BBC One (TV)
  • 1983-04-28
  • ...and that’s Galaxy. Now, what did you think of the song that won the Eurovision Song Contest? Ah, you too, eh? Well it’s ours now. Number 6, got up and finished sixth... this is Sweet Dreams!
  • Jensen : Well as you may know I’ve been on holiday for the past couple of weeks. Peel : I didn’t know that actually. Jensen : Yes John, I was in the Far East. Actually I have a feeling you’re not going to enjoy this next bit of the programme. Peel : I think he’s probably right about this ‘cos what we’re going to see now is the laird’s holiday snaps, as it were, sort of set to music. And here he is messing about in Singapore. Jensen : Actually John, you’ve been away too, haven’t you? Peel : I have actually, yes. Very much the international man, me. The BBC sent me abroad, and here I am in Northern France doing the Eurovision, er, well the European chart.
  • Here I am off the coast of France. This is me, that’s France. And we’re going to be investigating the TOTP European chart. Are we going to be hearing songs from Italy about l’amore... great bulky tenors singing? Or is it going to be maudlin songs from France about gigolos dying of consumption in basements? Well, actually no, unfortunately it’s neither of these things.
  • Well here I am in Boulogne. And TOTP were decent enough to send me here on a day trip... they sent Jonathan King to Paris. Typical, isn’t it really?
  • Trying to find a bit of a souvenir for Kid Jensen, but I don’t think it’s really trashy enough.
  • The old fella outside the bar gave us a kiss after we’d finished filming. Haven’t washed since, and I rather suspect that he hasn’t either.
  • 14, “Temptation”... resisted, resisted... that’s Heaven 17.
  • At 12, “Rosanna”... those transatlantic cuties, Toto.
  • At No.6, “Let’s Dance”... the multi-talented David Bowie.
  • And at No.2, it’s “Words”... the multi-talented F.R. David!
  • Jensen : Next week it’s the 1000th edition of TOTP so that promises to be something really special. Peel : Indeed it does. It’s a specially extended programme and it’s going to be carried in stereo on Radio 1. Jensen : And there’ll be all sorts of exciting personalities. Peel : And the Radio 1 DJs have promised to come along as well.
  • This show was repeated on BBC Four on 9 March 2017.



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Kissing the Pink - The Last Film

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