• 1979-09-27
  • Start of show: “All hail, twerps. When we first broadcast their session, the whole went Echo & The Bunnymen crazy. Well, this is a slight overstatement, I must admit, but I thought it was very good and one or two people that I spoke to quite liked it as well. So in addition to a repeat of that, we also have a fine record from Big Youth, something challenging in Welsh – which I shall avoid pronouncing – a length of Wire, what appears to be a new 12” record from Lee Perry, the Undertones single yet again – you won’t be surprised by that – a survey of recent developments in Scotland and several image-enhancing demonstrations of ska. In fact, two hours, as always, of killing time…”
  • The majority of the show is available, but the recording is spread over three files. In the second file, the sections after tape flip 1 and tape flip 2 have been placed in the reverse order. The tracklisting below follows what appears to be the order of the show as broadcast.



JP: "This next one's for Madness and particularly to the fellow who does all the dancing with then, because their two appearances on Top Of The Pops in recent weeks have given me more pleasure than almost anything. I say almost anything..."
(tape flip 1)
Following ‘New Town’, a request for the Newtown Neurotics...
(tape flip 2)
(tape flip 3; next track cuts cuts in)
(tape flip 4)


  • 156-790927a-b
  • 1979-09-27 Tape 415
  • 1.04.23 (from 57.09)
  • 1.01.31
  • 47:20
  • File created from T155, T156 and T415 of 400 Box.
  • Many thanks to Roger for the first two sections of the show and Stuart for the third.
  • Please note the order of the recording mentioned in the Comments section above.

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