• 1969-07-29
  • (Duff Paddy) We pick up the story 3 weeks after the last show, finding Peel in an unusually showbiz mood, with a handover from Alan 'Fluff' Freeman and a bit of banter with his erstwhile Top Gear co-presenter Pete Drummond. Peel also chats about an upcoming holiday to France with his brother Alan and a recent visit to Birmingham, taking in Handsworth market and The Diskery. Sessions tonight come from Roy Harper, Ten Years After and Third Ear Band.
  • This one is missing the last 22-25 minutes and once again starts a little slowly. It also gets a little crackly towards the end; maybe it was the end of the reel, hence the truncated recording.
  • Peel is impatiently waiting to receive his record collection, which has been shipped over from the USA and has been held in Customs for a month. He dedicates Roy Harper's "Hell's Angels" to the Customs, "with love".



(Courtesy Duff Paddy)


Bizarre applause - end of tape


  • (torrent) JOHN PEEL'S TOP GEAR - 8 SHOWS FROM 1969 & 1970
  • 1969-07-27 John Peel - Top Gear 19690727.mp3
  • 01.38.20
  • (Duff Paddy) This torrent is a re-upload of the 8 classic Top Gear shows that appeared on my Peel blog Kat's Karavan and have now expired onMost of them are full (or nearly full) shows, encoded as 320K MP3s from 7-inch reel-to-reel tapes.
  • Many thanks to hills1902 for supplying the tapes, to John for ripping and encoding them and to Phil for originally hosting the MP3s on his server.

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