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  • 1991-01-27



(11:30 News)
  • King Of The Slums: Joy (7") Cherry Red
  • Gang Starr: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Album: Step In The Arena) Chrysalis
  • Little Freddy & Don: Too Fat (12", Compilation: Fat! Fat! Fat! 18 Blubberin' Boppers) BLUBBA 48.48.48
  • Drive: Greasegun (12") First Strike Records
  • Plant Bach Ofnus: Curiad & Bas Groove (Peel Session)
  • Half Japanese: Hand Without A Body (Album: We Are They Who Ache With Amorous Love) Psycho Acoustic Sounds
  • Yami Bolo: Struggle In Babylon (7") Rockers International
  • 3 Men Gone Mad: You Try (7") Mad Music
(12:00 News)
  • Filler: Touched (Peel Session)
  • Deskee: Kid Get Hyped (12") Big One Records
  • Silverfish: Two Marines (Album: Fat Axl) Wiiija Records
  • Cutty Ranks: Tan Guard (7") World-A-Music International
  • Lightnin' Hopkins: Happy New Year
  • Wake: Joke Shop (Album: Make It Loud) Sarah Records
  • Wig: Coming Up Slow (Album: Lying Next To You) Nocturnal Records
(12:30 News)
  • Plant Bach Ofnus: Cyfnod Pump (Phase 5) (Peel Session)
  • File b ends
  • Fluid: Candy (Live) (7") Sub Pop
  • Thrilled Skinny: Biscuits In The Tin (Live) (Album, Compilation: Own Goal) Goalpost
  • Cutty Ranks: Original Rude Boy Style (Album: Stopper) Fashion
  • Filler: First Out (Peel Session)
  • Biff'um Baff'um Boys: Five Minutes (12": Bombers Over Baghdad E.P.) G-Force Records
  • Milk: Tag (12": Birthquake EP) Eve Recordings
(01:00 News)
  • Jesus Lizard: Nub (Album: Goat) Touch And Go
  • Hole: Dicknail (7": Dicknail b/w Burnblack) Sub Pop
  • Special Ed: Come On, Let's Move It (Remix) (12") Profile Records
  • Plant Bach Ofnus: Ailenedigaethyllygaidmennol (Second Birth Of The Inner Eye) (Peel Session)
  • Park Avenue Playground: The Trip (Album, Compilation: Beyond The Calico Wall) Voxx Records
  • Dawson: Fickle Pie (Album: Barf Market: You're Ontae Plums) Gruff Wit Records
  • Pregnant Neck: No Time For Breakfast (Album: Shenanegan-Esque Rapscalianismz!!) Touche Guffaw Rekidz
  • Energise: Report To The Dance Floor (12": Report To The Dancefloor) Network Records
(01:30 News)


  • 1) John Peel 1991-01-27.mp3
  • 2) 1991-01-27 Peel Show R141.mp3
  • 1) 3.03.37
  • 2) 1:33:22
  • 1) Much of the recording has a muffled sound, which sounds like dirty heads or the Dolby replay settings set too aggressively, but every so often there is an abrupt period of clarity. A re-rip might improve the quality of this recording.
  • 2) Created from R141 of Rich 200, digitised by Weatherman22.

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