• John Peel Show
  • BBC Radio One
  • 2001-09-26
  • Show contains a message of support for the striker Robbie Fowler, whom press reports indicate may be leaving Liverpool FC.
  • Both the BBC Listing and Ken Garner's book (The Peel Sessions) omit the final Loves track 'Just Like Bobby D'


  • Bearsuit session #2. Live from Maida Vale. No known commercial release.
  • Loves session #2. Live from Maida Vale. No known commercial release.


JP: "Grotesque self-indulgence of course, my dad's favourite artist... I was down in a record shop on Oxford Street this afternoon looking at further Charlie Kunz LPs, so there is a possibility that once I've exhausted this LP there'll be more."
  1. A Plea
  2. Hovercar
  3. Truly Sheri
  4. Hey Charlie Hey Chuck
  5. I Thought You Said You Were Blind
  6. Drink Ink
  7. Poor Prince Neal
JP: "Let's be realistic about this. Who would you sooner hear, Bearsuit or, I dunno, Blink 182? Bearsuit! Of course you would. Any decent, reasonable person would."
JP: "Lot of tension in our house this week because obviously the Liverpool match this evening and tomorrow Ipswich are playing in Moscow. Although they've not had a great season so far we're quietly confident about this one because the team has put Ipswich on the map. Now people in Moscow know where Ipswich is. It's visible from Outer Space. I know the Ipswich players are going to be listening to the programme in their hotel in Moscow, because they always do. Here's one for them." [1].
  1. Depeche Mode
  2. She'll Break Your Heart
  3. Little Girl Blues
  4. Boom A Bang Bang Bang
  5. Shake Your Bones
  6. I'm Gonna Get Fucked Up
  7. Just Like Bobby D


  • 50. John Peel 26-09-01.mp3
  • 2:00:15


  1. That evening, Liverpool beat Dinamo Kiev 1-0 in a Champions League first round group match.

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