• 1979-11-26
  • Kid Jensen draws the names of 5 lucky winners who each win a copy of Public Image Limited's 'Metal Box' LP.
  • There is some confusion over the current lineup of Pink Military. Peel describes meeting Budgie (the drummer on the session) and their current drummer at his ill-fated John Peel Roadshow appearance in Liverpool the weekend before last. The latter drummer was sporting a black eye.
  • The Velvettes track later turned up as a Peelenium choice for 1964.
  • Mentions doing a recent gig in Wollaston for 'Big Bob' Knight.
  • Four tracks are in the show from Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', which Peel commends for its anti-fascist lyrical content.
  • Reads out a trail for tomorrow evening's 'Personal Call' which is to feature his old schoolmate Michael Palin. Peel mentions that Palin had recently been on 'Desert Island Discs' - "He picked a rotten bunch of records." [1]


  • Pink Military #1. First broadcast. Recorded 1979-11-14. No known commercial release.
  • Secret Affair #2. First broadcast. Recorded 1979-11-07. No known commercial release.


  • Files 1 -3 start of show
JP: "If you were listening to the end of Newsbeat you may well be thinking now that that man is a graduate of the John Peel school of broadcasting."
JP: "And to start the programme, a new single from the Clash."
JP: "...and on the reverse of it, a version of this..."
JP: "These are the Velvelettes, an oldie but goodie. No reason for playing it at all, other than the fact that it exists really."
JP: "Here's an old dance! Pretty clever programming eh?"
JP: "We've had a new dance, an old dance and now a very old dance. From 1927..."
JP: "And that is a record which I actually bought in Cairo. I only put it in the programme so that I could tell you that I'd been to Cairo and you'd be impressed/envious/angry."
JP: "Actually I did want to keep all five copies of it myself and then in about twenty years time when they're worth a fortune I could sell them off one at a time and put my kids through school."
  • 4" Be 2": One Of The Lads (7") Island (edited out of File 1)
  • Low Numbers: Keep In Touch (7") Warner Bros (edited out of File 1)
JP: "A couple of members of the band live just round the corner from the BBC. One of them's quite a big lad and occasionally he turns up in the reception area here when I come in and he's gone (adopts threatening Cockney tone), 'ere! Why haven't you played the record yet?' . So. I've played it. Ok? Fine, terrific."


  • 1) John Peel 1979-11-26 incomplete.mp3
  • 2) 1979-11-26 John Peel Radio 1 DB130+DB131.mp3
  • 3) 1979-11-26 Peel Show DB130 DB131 v2.mp3
  • 1) 01:12.57
  • 2) 02:00:47
  • 3) 01:59:06

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