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26 June 1979

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  • 1979-06-26
  • Peel apologises again for the previous night's "dull show" and also admits he was wrong yesterday about Tubeway Army's chances of reaching number 1 in the BBC singles chart: in the latest Top 40 chart unveiled that afternoon, 'Are Friends Electric' had indeed taken top spot.
  • John plays a number of requests for people he met in Norwich the week before. The Buzzcocks were requested and Peel obliges.
  • Introduces the wrong Capital Letters track, playing the b-side rather than the a-side of their latest single.
  • Peel thanks a listener for sending him a photograph of Marguerite Van Cook: "I carry it with me everywhere."
  • According to JP, Murder The Disturbed "sound like people who've been compelled to watch Everton just once too often."



JP: "Every time the John Peel Roadshow goes out on the road, it has to play that three or four times a night - and quite rightly so in my view."
JP: "Pig, if you're listening, the phone seems to be off the hook again."


  • 1979-06-26 John Peel Radio 1.flac
  • 01:58:06
  • Show contained on T096 and T097 of the 400 Box.
  • Complete show apart from short gaps where tape flips happen.

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