• John Peel's Sunday Concert
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1970-04-26
  • The tracklisting below is provisional, although according to Ken Garner (The Peel Sessions, pg 212) a Sunday show concert featuring Sabbath and Medicine Head was broadcast on this date (and repeated the following Wednesday). The recording date and venue are unknown, but many of the concert programmes of this era were recorded at the Paris Theatre in London.
  • The Black Sabbath tracklisting is taken from the bootleg release John Peel's Sunday Session. This was the band's only Sunday show appearance. A message board suggests the same four tracks were put out officially on re-issues of Ozzy Osbourne's The Ozzman Cometh compilation, listed as demos, with all audience sound and Peel links removed. The same message board gives a recording date of 1970-04-20.
  • Streamed versions of the four of the five tracks of the Medicine Head set are available at the John Fiddler homepage, with Peel links and audience reaction intact. Fiddler is unsure of the date, but puts it at early 1970, before the release of the band's first album, making this the most likely date as the band's first Peel concert appearance (their first session had already been broadcast).


  • Black Sabbath Live set. Recording date unknown. See above for official release details.
  • Medicine Head Live set. Recording date unknown. No known official release. See above.


  1. Fairies Wear Boots
  2. Behind the Wall of Sleep
  3. Walpurgis (War Pigs)
  4. Black Sabbath
  1. His Guiding Hand
  2. Home's Odyssey
  3. Fiddle Dee Dee
  4. Two Men Now
  5. When The Night Falls


  • The broadcast programme was one hour long.
  • See "Comments" section above

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