• 1994-03-25
  • John reveals how the music for his show is chosen. ‘Obviously I have nothing to do with the selection of records in these programmes. It’s all done for us by computer these days. Press a button and out the programme comes.’
  • A recording of the first 58 minutes of the show is available. Tracklistings for the rest of the show also added and marked §, details taken from Lorcan's Playlist Archive.


  • Afghan Whigs, one and only session. Recorded 22 February 1994. All tracks except ‘What Jail Is Like’ are available on the Blast First CD single – What Jail Is Like. Only ‘Revenge’ and ‘Easily Pusuaded’ are available on the recording.
  • Sons Of The Subway, one and only session. Unknown recording date. No known commercial release. Only ‘Trunk A Funkz’ is available on the recording.


  • Speedy J: ‘Beam Me Up! (The Pegasus Mix) (12 inch)' (Beam Me Up!)
  • Gene Vincent: ‘Dance To The Bop (CD - The EP Collection)’ (See For Miles)
(JP: ‘One of the greatest men in the whole history of the world ever.’)
(JP: ‘I particularly care for the little imitation of Louis Armstrong doing ‘Wonderful World’ at the start of that. Always one of my least favourite records right up there with Peter Sarstedt's ‘Where Do You Go To My Lovely’. Perhaps you're too young to remember that if you’re really lucky.’)
(JP: ‘Tell them how it is Lucille.’)
(10:30 news)
(Tape flip)
(End of recording)


  • Peel Show 1994-03-25 (incomplete)
  • 00:58:19
  • Many thanks to the taper.

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