• 2003-06-25
  • Peel describes the Soledad Brothers as being "never less than fantastic".
  • The first Soledad Brothers session track is a cover of a Sonny Boy Williamson original. Peel says that he'll try and find the original to play the following week. He eventually airs it on 02 October 2003 when the Soledad session was repeated.
  • Peel had received a mushroom biryani that evening from Billy Bragg to mark the occasion, "twenty years ago to the night", of the incident where Billy supplied Peel with the dish and received his first airplay as a consequence. However, it seems they are mistaken with the date as 25 June 1983 was a Saturday when Peel did not broadcast a show. The exact date of the event was 29 June 1983.
  • Peel expresses regret that production assistant Hermeet isn't going to the Glastonbury Festival that coming weekend with the programme team.
  • Hermeet had been on holiday to Tunisia and brought back a record as a present for Peel, which he plays in the show.
  • After playing the DJ Kontrol track (which is started at the wrong speed), Peel apologises for the "great deal of extraneous sound on that track". When told that the record sounded ok over the airwaves, the studio speakers are blamed. Peel think that he's probably at fault for any damage, "cos I like to play things loud". The problem is later blamed on a bad pressing of the record.
  • The YT vs DSD track is started at the wrong speed (but quickly corrected).



JP: "Well I have to say, we're going to miss him. No, really." [1]
JP: "That's the sound of post-teen Braintree."
JP: "There used to be - there still is, actually - a great record by Sonny Boy Williamson on a compilation LP called 'Bring It On Home'. I've not heard this track but I'm hoping it's the same tune."
JP: "Same tune alright. That's excellent."
Instead of the Slits, Peel starts playing a track by Gang Of Four initially (Wrong Track Moment).
JP: "Well, I think after that we all want to have full penetrative sex with Modeselektor. On a show of hands."


  • John_Peel_20030625.mp3
  • 2:00:30
  • Thanks to B!
  1. Peel's opening comment most likely refers to the departure of Colin Murray from the 8 - 10 pm slot immediately before his own. He was replaced by Zane Lowe in July 2003.[1]

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