John Peel and Dave Lee Travis present TOTP in December, 1982

  • BBC One (TV)
  • 1982-12-25
  • Certain members of Duran Duran switch instruments from those they actually played during their performance of the song Hungry Like The Wolf.
  • Peel is wearing a Sheena Barmy Army T-shirt, demonstrating his passion for the artist Sheena Easton.
  • Hello, we are your vibrant Radio 1 personalities.
  • DLT : Listen John, come on, jazz it up man, it’s Christmas Day, let’s have a little ‘Hey hey! Peel : Er, welcome to TOTP. DLT : Oh, that was wonderful, John…
  • Well as you can see it’s getting dangerously festive here. That was Duran Duran. And up next we’ve got for you Dexy's Midnight Runners – this is “Come On Eileen”, or anybody, I don’t really mind.
  • That’s Haircut 100. You know, underneath all that make-up they’re covered in spots! Now my favourite No.1 of the year... very pleased to see this get to No.1... here’s Musical Youth. Flash it!
  • Well we’ve got a 27 on that from the Swiss jury.



Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf (TOTP)03:26

Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf (TOTP)

Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf

Captain Sensible - Happy Talk totp03:38

Captain Sensible - Happy Talk totp

Captain Sensible - Happy Talk

Culture club - do you really want to hurt me (TOTP 1982)03:45

Culture club - do you really want to hurt me (TOTP 1982)

Culture Club - Do you really want to hurt me?

Soft Cell - Torch (Live 1982)04:02

Soft Cell - Torch (Live 1982)

Soft Cell - Torch

Cliff Richard - Little Town totp03:09

Cliff Richard - Little Town totp

Cliff Richard - Little Town

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