• 2001-10-24
  • Start of show: "It’s been another great night of football. This is Travis Cut. Actually, it suddenly isn’t. Why can’t I hear that? Actually, the machine is playing and it’s not playing. That’s very strange indeed. Uh, tell you what, this is not the way to start a programme really. I’m going to have to put this into the other CD player. Want to carry on Steve, do a little bonus? Right, one, two, three - take two."
  • Son Tom has recommended the DJ Teebee track: “It is a good track, you’re right, Tom.”
  • There is a competition in the show to win tickets to attend the One Live in Birmingham gig the following Wednesday (31 October 2001) featuring Meanwhile Back In Communist Russia, Appliance and Pulp.
  • Peel recalls the 1972 Dandelion Records sampler LP There Is Some Fun Going Forward and wonders what happened to the young woman on the cover in the bath with him: “Every time she slipped down in the bath she’d brace herself by putting her foot against my private parts and pushing herself upright. Which obviously being a shy and sensitive boy I found acutely embarrassing.”
  • Ipswich Town have drawn 3-3 against Southampton that evening after being 3-1 down. JP requests a win by the team for Sheila over West Ham on Sunday, following her birthday on Saturday: “After she was ill a few years ago, it has been Ipswich Town that have contributed a great deal more to her rehabilitation than I certainly did, and I owe the team an enormous debt of gratitude for that.” [1]
  • Peel has to stop the Madam Zu track and make a technical adjustment, as the output is only coming through one side of the stereo. It plays normally afterwards.
  • Two ABBA covers in the show.
  • Again no Pig's Big 78, as none were recorded before Peel left for London the previous day.


  • Garlic #1 First broadcast of only session. Recorded 2001-09-23. No known commercial release.


JP: "The other day I was out record shopping in London's bustling Shaftesbury Avenue and went into a record shop and while I was in the basement they were playing this."


  • 60. John Peel 24-10-01.mp3
  • 2.00.09
  1. Sadly, Ipswich were beaten 3-2 by West Ham. (BBC news report).