• 1999-06-24
  • A Glastonbury special where Peel and Steve Lamacq will be DJing at the event.
  • The Pig shouts out the words Peelenium 1918 followed by the audience behind her saying the same thing.
  • In March 2015, a new recording was made available courtesy of max-dat. It includes the majority of the tracks previously available on the mix (from midway through Cornershop to the end of the Undertones).



(Lamacq introduces the show and Peel mentions to him that the dress standards are very poor in Glastonbury)
(Lamacq talks about the Glastonbury event)
(Lamacq talks about the weather at Glastonbury)
(Lamacq talks to Peel about the events at Glastonbury)
(Glastonbury trailer)
(Emily Eavis talks about the Glastonbury Festival)
(Peel talks about the food at the event)
(Peel mentions that the other tracks on the Bis single are good)
(Orbital talk about their experiences at glastonbury)
(JP: 'Don't worry regular listeners, there will be a Peelenium tonight')

Peelenium 1918

  1. George Robey & Clara Evelyn: First Love, Last Love, Best Love
  2. Courtland & Jeffries: Goodbye-ee Sung
  3. Harry Weldon: What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes For
  4. Dorothy Ward: I Want A Girl
(JP: 'At least two of those I could have sang along with')
(Peel and Lamacq toss a coin to select who would go first to do the Mix and Lamacq goes for Heads and wins and decides to go first in the Mix)
(Peel does a spoken word song mentioning about Glastonbury on the tune of Baz Luhrmann's Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen)

Steve Lamacq ('Slim') Mix:

  1. Fatboy Slim: Sho Nuff #
  2. Cornershop: Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Remix) #
  3. Cypress Hill: Insane In The Brain #
  4. Chemical Brothers: Hey Boy Hey Girl #
  5. Stone Roses: Fools Gold (Grooverider's Mix) #
  6. Underworld: Shudder / King Of Snake (Fatboy Slim Remix) #
  7. Blur: Trade Stylee (Alex Bugman Remix) #

John Peel ('Fat Boy') and Steve Lamacq ('Slim') Mix:

  1. Bad Livers: Lust For Life #
  2. Studio 32 And Luis Radio: Universal Groove #
  3. Culture: Lion's Rock #
  4. House music #
  5. Picketts: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? #
  6. Maloko: In The Midnight Hour #
  7. Steeleye Span: Bryan O'Lynn / The Hag With the Money (Medley) #
  8. Drum And Bass music #
  9. Sheena Easton: 9 To 5 #
  10. Altered Images: Happy Birthday #
  11. Wayne Wonder & Cutty Ranks: Lambada #
  12. UU Madoo & Capt. Barky: Mix Up #
  13. Fuzz: The Beginning #
  14. House music #
  15. Status Quo: Down Down #
  16. Kop Choir: You'll Never Walk Alone #
  17. Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit #
  18. Pepe Kalle: Roger Milla #
  19. Bentley Rhythm Ace: This Is Carbootechnodiscotechnobooto #
  20. Cuban Boys: Cognoscenti Vs Intelligentsia #
  21. Raindrops: That Boy John #
  22. Howlin' Wolf: Goin' Down Slow #
  23. Blur: Song 2 #
  24. Undertones: Teenage Kicks #

Tracks marked # are found in Files 2 to 6.


  • 1) 020A-H11697XXXXXX-0100A0[1].mp3
  • 2) Glastbutno1918a.mp3
  • 3) Glastbutno1918b.mp3
  • 4) Peel19990624 Glastbutno1918a.mp3
  • 5) Peel19990624 Glastbutno1918b.mp3
  • 6) jp240699.mp3
  • 1) 03:58:56
  • 2) 01:02:00
  • 3) 01:01:58
  • 4) 01:02:00
  • 5) 01:01:58
  • 6) 01:53:30
  • 1) Recordings at the British Library
  • 6) Many thanks to max-dat.

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