• 2003-07-24
  • Programme comes from Peel Acres.
  • Due to a technical problem establishing the link, Zane Lowe has to fill in for the first 10 minutes until the connection is restored.
  • After the previous night's programme, Peel and the team went out to see T. Raumschmiere at Nag Nag Nag.
  • Peel is still awaiting the delivery of what he says is the first record he has purchased via the internet ("Memories of Maria" by Jerry Byrd). A separate copy is eventually supplied by a listener in Newmarket and gets a spin on 21 August 2003.
  • The latest release from Half Man Half Biscuit was waiting for him at home however. A track from it goes straight into the programme.
  • John had walked past Darren Hayman of the French on his way into Broadcasting House that evening but hadn't realised it was him until he was inside the building.
  • A listener asks about a reggae version of the "Coronation Street" theme they have heard about. Peel confirms its existence (Izzy Royal is the artist) and remembers to put it into the programme the following week (on 29 July 2003).
  • The official track listing page on the Radio One website includes "Surf's Up" by the Original Surfaris after the Sin O The East track, but this appears to have been cut from the running order.


  • Seedling #3. Recorded 2003-06-05. No known commercial release.


JP: "When that first came out we couldn't play it on the radio actually, because people would have swooned with horror at the swearing in it."


  • John_Peel_20030724.mp3
  • John_Peel_20030724.mp3
  • 2:00:30
  • Thanks to B!
  1. Features a guest appearance by bassist Peter Hook of New Order.

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